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2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger

In your 2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck, engine's power can be increased either by increasing the air intake for increased combustion to release more power or the number of cylinders in your engine system. Turbine and compressor are the two major components functioning in the 2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck turbocharger. If the turbocharger in your 2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck does not function properly, you need to replace it ASAP. You are at the right place to get the best quality turbochargers for your 2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck. The primary function of the 2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck turbocharger is to burn the fuel by releasing compressed air into the cylinder.

It is very essential to check for any leakage and clogs before starting your 2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck. Any worn out parts in your 2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck must be immediately replaced to have a comfortable as well as safe driving experience. At Turbochargers pros you can find the best quality spare parts at discount prices. We provide turbochargers for all car models. Here at our warehouse, you can find a wide range of parts available for all 2012 models. Our warehouses are located all over the country. So, it is very easy for you to find our warehouse nearest to your location. You can visit any of our warehouses to get the required parts for your 2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck.

If in case, you are not able to find our warehouse, you can also do shopping through online. By placing your orders, you can get the spare parts at your doorstep on-time. You need to just select the year, model and make of your car to find the right turbochargers from our online catalog. All our turbocharger parts are tested for the quality to meet the industry standards and come with full warranty. If you are not able to find the turbocharger then we will find it for you. You can be assured of the best replacement parts for your 2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck.

2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbo Models

1988 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 1989 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 1990 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger
1991 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 1992 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 1993 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger
1994 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 1995 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 1996 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger
1997 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 1998 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 1999 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger
2000 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 2001 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 2002 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger
2003 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 2004 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 2005 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger
2006 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 2007 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 2008 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger
2009 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 2010 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 2011 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger
2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 2013 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger 2014 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger
2015 Dodge Pick-up Truck Turbocharger

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2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck 6.7L Diesel Engine Turbocharger


6.7L Diesel Engine

40-30146 ON

$1895 plus $200 Core.

2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck 6.7L Diesel Engine Turbocharger


6.7L Diesel Engine

40-30146 R

$1495 plus $300 Core.

2012 Dodge Pick-up Truck 6.7L Diesel Engine Turbocharger

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