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One better way to increase the power output of the engine is to increase the fuel and air mixture ratio during combustion. This can be achieved by adding a turbo charger to the engine. The turbo charger is a typical gas compressor used for forced induction of an internal combustion engine. Your Dodge Sprinter turbo charger has got two main components, turbine and compressor. The turbine powered by the Dodge sprinter exhaust drives the compressor to draw more air for the extra power boost. You need to maintain your Dodge Sprinter turbo charger in good condition by using proper lubricating oil and clean filters. When if it is not done, then the power and performance of the Dodge Sprinter is at stake.

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With modern technology, Dodge Sprinter Turbo Charger and Super Charger has evolved into a high tech component. Changing these parts with high quality replacements has never been more important.

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Shop Dodge Sprinter Van Turbocharger Parts

2004  Dodge  Sprinter Van
Part No: 40-30108R
2.7L Diesel Engine and Engine Code OM647 [Garrett 736088 on tag]
$845 Free Shipping!

2005 - 2006  Dodge  Sprinter Van
Part No: 40-30108ON
2.7L Diesel Engine
$1245 Free Shipping!

2008  Dodge  Sprinter Van
Part No: 40-30136R
3.0L Diesel Engine
$995 Free Shipping!