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Chevrolet turbochargers are the power boosters of the vehicle. Just by adding a turbocharger to the engine, you can find the increase in power output of the engine with the regular intake of fuel. When you compare the fuel consumption of the naturally-aspirated engine and a turbocharged engine, you can find that both consume the same amount of fuel except for the increased power output in case of turbocharged engine. The fuel-to-air mixture ratio of the engine is increased on fitting a turbocharger to the engine. The compressor and the turbine are the two parts of the Chevrolet turbochargers. The turbine driven by the power of the exhaust forces the compressor to draw more air and push into the cylinder for combustion. Showing improved volumetric efficiency and power-to-weight ratio, your Chevrolet turbocharger should be maintained in good condition for enjoying the power boost.

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At Turbocharger Pros you can find a full line of Chevrolet auto parts. All the parts listed in the website are genuine and are available at wholesale prices. All you need to do is to select the right year and the model of your Chevrolet to find the parts from our online catalog.

With modern technology, Chevrolet Turbocharger and Supercharger has evolved into a high tech component. Changing these parts with high quality replacements has never been more important.

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Shop Chevrolet Turbocharger Parts

1997 - 2002  Chevrolet 
Part No: 40-30027
6.5L Diesel with GM8 Turbocharger
$795 Free Shipping!

2000 - 2004  Chevrolet 
Part No: 40-30034
6.6L Diesel Duramax LB7
$1095 Free Shipping!

1992 - 1993  Chevrolet 
Part No: 40-30045
6.5L Diesel with GM3 Turbocharger
$695 Free Shipping!